Leadership Programme

About Leadership

Across a range of programmes NUI Galway students have opportunities to develop leadership skills and enhance their personal development with communities of fellow students.

About LIFT

LIFT is an 8 week programme, about 30-40 minutes a week students engage in a small group roundtable online and complete an 8 part leadership development programme:

  1. Listening​
  2. Honesty and Integrity​
  3. Respect​
  4. Positive Attitude​
  5. Competence​
  6. Dedication and Determination​
  7. Accountability​
  8. Empathy and Understanding

Link to Sign Up

Click here on this form to sign up to a LIFT group for Semester Two. We have recieved a tremendous response, therefore when you sign up you are now on our waiting list for a LIFT group. 

LIFT Contact

Email ‌LIFT@nuigalway.ie for further information. 

LiFT Facilitator Role

Congratulations to the 200 NUI Galway Student Facilitators now trained in the LIFT Method!

Role of a LiFT Student Facilitator

As a facilitator students are trained in the LiFT programme, through a 4 hour training session. Facilitators then lead their own roundtable group for 8 weeks as volunteers and contribute to reflection and development of LiFT at NUI Galway.

Students benefit from being trained as a LiFT Facilitator in many ways:

  • Completion of the Facilitation training will earn you the LiFT Facilitation Certificate in recognition. 
  • Completion of the 8 week programme you will earn the LiFT Participant Certificate in recognition.

Why be a LiFT Facilitator?

  • You get to focus on your leadership & facilitation skills and develop them over 8 weeks.
  • You will have a practical way to practice leadership in a virtual world!
  • You get to meet new people that are also interested in building their leadership skills.
  • You will be exposed to new experiences, opportunities and fresh ideas.
  • Students embody the 8 areas of leadership furthering community values and impacting society. 
  • You can add this as evidence of improving your leadership skills on your CV.
  • A wide range of personal and professional benefits. 

How to be a LiFT Facilitator?

The brilliant aspect of LiFT is that being a facilitator is really well supported! The programme comes with a workbook with step-by-step instructions and the entire programme is scripted. This means that your role as Facilitator is a great opportunity to build practice and confidence in facilitating a group, in a safe, structured and guided way. You do not need to come up with group content, or manage a group - instead you get to focus on the experience. 

So if you are thinking "I am not sure I can do it" we know you can - we believe in you. The programme is powerful and uses plain and simple approaches and languages to be accessible to all. 


How much time is involved?

As a participant you are in a small group that meets online once a week for 35 – 40 minutes max. Your group will meet for February and March. At the end of March if you attended all your weekly LIFT sessions you will be issued with a LIFT Certificate of Leadership.

The time requirements for the LIFT Facilitator role is outlined below.

When do we meet online?

If you decide to join LIFT you will be allocated to a random group – great way to meet new people! In your group your Facilitator will be in touch to arrange a time slot that suits everyone in the group. As a small team you work together for the two months and usually meet at the same time and day each week; or work together on any changes if someone in the group needs a tweak!